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What services do VIP escorts offer

When it comes to contacting a VIP escort agency, it can be difficult to know what you’re looking for. Is full, penetrative sex the be-all and end-all, or are there other things on the ‘menu’? That’s the question we’ll be answering in today’s article.

The first thing to know is that when you hire an escort, you’re paying them for their time. Especially in the case of VIP escorts, this can mean simply benefiting from the company of an attractive, intelligent woman in a given situation – someone to enjoy a meal, play, or casino visit alongside, safe in the knowledge that she’s as thrilled to be there as you’d hope.

Sex is an option, but never so expected that it shouldn’t be broached with a little tact, or that escorts will be confused if an individual booking doesn’t result in intercourse. Most escorts are willing to offer everything up to and including vaginal sex for VIP clients, though rudeness can result in what escorts refer to as ‘restricted service’ – the kind of intimate contact you’re willing to provide someone who’s already rubbing you up the wrong way.

For a little extra money, most VIP escort agencies like are also able to offer what they term the ‘girlfriend experience’. This is where the escort in question puts in the effort to learn some of your likes and dislikes prior to meeting, at which point they’re able to provide the experience of prior intimacy – no awkward getting to know each other, and no lost time if you’re enjoying an escort’s services in company (for example, at a business event).

Of course, if your intentions are more strictly amorous, that’s fine too, even if you have special interests such as S&M or foot fetishism. These ‘kink’ extras depend on the individual comfort of the VIP escort, but any agency worth its salt will ask about your needs in advance and match you with an escort who is happy to indulge your specific fantasies. This tends to come at an extra charge, not because your escort needs to be bribed into participation but merely because specific work requires specific skills, dedicated time, and at least a little expertise. While sex is sex, providing a truly enjoyable experience for someone with niche interests takes a little more work, which means it also costs a little more.

The more niche your particular interests, the more you may need to pay, or even shop around, to find an escort capable of providing satisfaction. Despite this, you’d be surprised how even the most shocking of kinks is relatively common in the escorting world, and even less mainstream interests such as bathroom play can be fulfilled in pretty much any major city.

Yes, with a VIP escort agency, you’ll be matched with a beautiful, interesting woman who understands your needs and is prepared to put in the work and perhaps even study to fulfil them. Whether you’re looking to pass the time with some fascinating young thing or have the time of your life, VIP escorts are able to provide.